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ILC Young Ones

Společnost  Ventures Books si Vás dovoluje pozvat na konferenci pořádanou jazykovou školou ILC International House Brno pod názvem The Young Ones. Konference se uskuteční dne 13.října 2018, v prostorách jazykové školy ILC International House Brno.

Konference je určena pro učitele na základních a středních školách. Poskytuje jedinečnou příležitost seznámit se s posledními trendy ve výuce anglického jazyka. Neocenitelná je možnost neformálně se setkat s kolegy, vyměnit si zkušenosti a navázat spolupráci. Při příležitosti konání konference jsme si pro Vás přichystali dva semináře. Dalé se můžete těšit na náš stánek s novinkami z produkce vydavatelství Pearson.


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Teacher-friendly technologies

(Danka Sekerková, Pearson)

„Why do I have to be an IT specialist to teach English? “ That´s what I often asked myself and no doubt many of you have thought the same. The answer is simple – because those popular photocopied handouts, vocabulary cards and blackboard diagrams are slowly being taken over by digital materials, which we cannot resist even if our subject is a foreign language. That´s why I´d like to introduce you to simple and teacher-friendly digital tools for lower secondary students and guide you through their „complex labyrinth“ that many of us might have tried to avoid initially. Let´s explore all their benefits and functions that are designed to simplify our professional life.

From sparks to fireworks of creativity

(Jarmila Tomanová, Pearson)

CLIL has become an inseparable part of English lessons in the last couple of years. Children are naturally curious about the world around them and they can easily make connections between subjects across curriculum. Especially with primary school learners we should take advantage of their unspoiled creativity to make the most of English lessons. How can we actually ignite sparks of creativity to make pupils learn without even noticing it? In this workshop we are going to have a look at practical techniques and activities to spice up CLIL lessons for primary school learners.



Danka foto orezaneDanka Sekerková

Danka studied English and French at Charles University. She has 12 years of work experience in teaching English and French, and has taught wide variety of courses from preschool children’s courses to individual and group in-company courses. She has also worked as a language auditor and prepared and presented methodology workshops for fellow teachers. Now she works as a methodological consultant and as a teacher trainer for Bohemian Ventures and she is eager to share her knowledge and experience with other teachers.


Jarka kruh

Jarmila Tomanová

After completing Master’s degree in English Philology at Palacky University in Olomouc, Jarmila seized the opportunity to work as an intern at Czech School Without Borders London and taught bilingual children. During her internship in London she passed the CPE exam. In the Czech Republic, she has worked for several language schools teaching individual, in-company, public and post-secondary courses. Jarmila has recently joined Bohemian Ventures as a methodological consultant.

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