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Cloverleaf conference

Společnost Ventures Books si Vás dovoluje pozvat na v pořadí již 8. konferenci pořádanou jazykovou školou Cloverleaf. Konference se uskuteční dne 5.října 2019, v prostorách jazykové školy Cloverleaf.

Konference je určena pro učitele na základních a středních školách. Poskytuje jedinečnou příležitost seznámit se s posledními trendy ve výuce anglického jazyka. Neocenitelná je možnost neformálně se setkat s kolegy, vyměnit si zkušenosti a navázat spolupráci.

Při příležitosti konání konference jsme si pro Vás přichystali dva semináře.  Více informací o nich se dozvíte níže. Dále se můžete těšit na naše stánky s novinkami vydavatelství Pearson a Cambridge University Press a doplňkový prodej her Regipio.


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The Road to Personalisation

(Radka Malá, Professional Teacher Trainer)

Target group: Adults

The terrible moment when your students just stare at you blankly and say, ‘I don’t know much about this topic.’ And that’s all they have to say in the lengthy discussion you were hoping for in your meticulously prepared lesson plan. In this webinar, we’ll have a look at some simple steps to truly personalise your lessons and let your students have a say in their learning process, whether they’re adults or teens. Because every class is different, every learner is unique and there’s more to personalisation than just Find Someone Who activities.

Take advantage of Multiple Intelligences

(Zuzana Pohlová, Pearson/Ventures Books)

Target goup: Primary School Teachers

How smart are you? To most, that seems like an odd question. Everyone knows a person is either smart or not, right? If you are a believer in multiple intelligences, then you disagree with the idea that a person is either smart or not. The theory of multiple intelligences (MI) suggests that every person is talented in a certain way, which is also reflected in their learning style. The theory of MI can be used very well in the language teaching of primary school pupils. In this session I will show you practical examples of activities corresponding to different kinds of learning styles. The seminar is designed for primary school teachers.



Radka Malá kruh

Radka Malá

Radka has been teaching foreign languages for over ten years, gaining experience in a wide range of classes for special purposes and with all age groups. She now specialises in teaching professional English to adults and utilising her lifelong passion: technology and video in the classroom. As a teacher trainer and conference speaker, she follows the same principles as a language teacher; activate your students, make the session meaningful and have fun! She is also the author of additional material in the Lifestyle and Next Move series of textbooks. Radka’s educational background includes a Master’s degree in English and Italian from Charles University, Prague.


Zuzka Pohlova kruh konference

Zuzana Pohlová

Zuzana studied English and Mathematics at the University of Ostrava. After graduation, she started to work as a teacher of English. Her responsibilities included the teaching of English at all levels, advising the students on study materials and planning the programme of courses. She also worked as a senior teacher, which involved other teachers classroom observations and subsequent consultation and evaluation of their work as well as preparation of workshops on methodology and learning styles. Now Zuzana works as a methodological consultant for Ventures Books.



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