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Jménem Ventures Books a nakladatelství Pearson si Vás dovolujeme pozvat na již 4. ročník Pearson EduTour.

Konference se uskuteční v sobotu 19. října 2019 v prostorách kongresového centra Masarykovy koleje v Praze.


Prostory budou přístupné od 8:30. Konference je určená pro učitele základních škol, gymnázií, středních i jazykových škol, kteří se chtějí dále vzdělávat a zlepšovat své lektorské schopnosti.

Konference je akreditována Ministerstvem školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy. Číslo jednací: MSMT- 1790/2019-2-45



Sobota 19.10. 2019, 8:30 - 15:00


Kongresové centrum Masarykova kolej, Thákurova 1, Praha 6



Konferenční poplatek 290 Kč obsahuje:

  • Konferenční plátěnou tašku obsahující učebnici
  • Občerstvení
  • Certifikát o účasti
  • Možnost výhry v tombole


Anotace seminářů:

Nothing Stands Still for Long – Changing English

(Rob Dean, Pearson)

9:40 - 10:30, For All 

Whether it’s technology, fashion, music or politics, nothing stays the same for long, and for some people, staying up to date can be a real challenge. Language is no exception, and all languages are in a constant state of evolution. This session will look at some of the latest trends in English – both new elements entering the language as well as old elements falling out of use. The talk will investigate examples of changing grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and usage, and will look at where this leaves when deciding what to teach in the classroom.

From Sparks to Fireworks of Creativity

(Jarmila Tomanová, Pearson/Ventures Books)

11:00 - 11:50, For Primary School Teachers 

CLIL has become an inseparable part of English lessons in the last couple of years. Children are naturally curious about the world around them and they can easily make connections between subjects across curriculum. Especially with primary school learners we should take advantage of their unspoiled creativity to make the most of English lessons. How can we actually ignite sparks of creativity to make pupils learn without even noticing it? In this workshop we are going to have a look at practical techniques and activities to spice up CLIL lessons for primary school learners.

Practice Makes Perfect. Or does it?

(Radka Malá, Professional Teacher Trainer)

11:00 - 11:50, For Upper-Secondary School Teachers 

Have you slipped into the habit of just bringing exam sample papers to every lesson? Are you struggling to find the right balance between preparing your students for an exam and having fun in your lessons? Between teaching language and teaching exam strategy? In this seminar, we will share (and try out!) best practices on how to keep all your students motivated, whether they are working professionals with analytical minds or bored teenagers.

Widening the Vocabulary World

(Jarmila Tomanová, Pearson/Ventures Books)

12:40 - 13:30, For Lower-Secondary School Teachers

Have you been revising vocabulary with your students time and time again? And when you come across the same words a few days later, half of it is forgotten and the other half is only vaguely familiar. If this situation rings a bell, join this hands-on workshop presenting methods and activities which will help students establish long-term retention of vocabulary. We are going to discuss personalization together with other vocabulary-teaching strategies which enable learners to expand their mental lexicon.

Putting the ‘X’ Factor into Exam Preparation

(Rob Dean, Pearson)

12:30 - 13:30, For Upper-Secondary School Teachers

Few people really enjoy exams. Any motivation that is connected with exams is often extrinsic, frequently related to the pressure to succeed - and the fear of failure. But can we foster intrinsic motivation in the exam scenario? This session will look at some ways in which we might change candidates’ perceptions of exams for the better. We will show through a series of practical activities ways in which the exam preparation process can become more enjoyable.

It's What You Don't Say That Counts!

(Christopher Oliver, Professional Teacher Trainer)

14:00 - 14:50, For All 

During this interactive and light-hearted workshop, we will highlight different ways of recognizing and controlling various types of body language – from gestures, stance, intonation and eye contact. We will explain how we use body language to express the way we feel and how we can recognize other peoples mood and feelings. We will also point out the potential risks when using misreading body language in social situations, and also introduce some new vocabulary and phrases commonly used for teaching.



Rob Dean kruh

Rob Dean
Rob has been involved in ELT as a teacher, director of studies and teacher trainer since 1994. During this time, he has taught a wide variety of ages and levels in numerous countries in Europe and South East Asia, and is currently based in Poland. Rob now works as an independent international teacher trainer and academic consultant, and travels delivering workshops and seminars – as well as online webinars - to teachers all over the world. 

Jarka kruh

Jarmila Tomanová
After completing Master’s degree in English Philology at Palacky University in Olomouc, Jarmila seized the opportunity to work as an intern at Czech School Without Borders London and taught bilingual children. During her internship in London she passed the CPE exam. In the Czech Republic, she has worked for several language schools teaching individual, in-company, public and post-secondary courses. Now Jarmila works as methodological consultant for Ventures Books.

Radka Malá kruh3

Radka Malá
Radka has been teaching foreign languages for over ten years, gaining experience in a wide range of classes for special purposes and with all age groups. She now specialises in teaching professional English to adults and utilising her lifelong passion: technology and video in the classroom. As a teacher trainer and conference speaker, she follows the same principles as a language teacher; activate your students, make the session meaningful and have fun! She is also the author of additional material in the Lifestyle and Next Move series of textbooks. Radka’s educational background includes a Master’s degree in English and Italian from Charles University, Prague.

Chris Olivier kruh

Christopher Oliver
Chris is an accomplished freelance teacher and trainer. He has been teaching in the Czech Republic for almost eight years. He specializes is Business English and has a large portfolio of esteemed clients. Chris offers specialized courses on negotiating, presentation skills, body language and communication skills. Chris often runs English camps for intensive English and he has also been an observer for TEFL students, offering advice to potential new teachers. In his home country of England, Chris offered business skills training to sales-oriented companies, looking to gain a competitive edge within the market.

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