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Místo: Online
Téma: Let’s get thinking
Pro: Primary
Typ akce: Webinář
Datum: 13.04.2023
Čas: 18:00 - 19:00


Vážení učitelé a lektoři anglického jazyka,

srdečně vás zveme na nový metodologický webinář Let’s get thinking a to s Jeanne Perrett autorkou učebnic anglického jazyka pro mladší žáky!

V rámci webináře bude lektorka využívat některá cvičení převzatá z nové učebnice English Code (více informací ZDE).

Jeanne Perrett has been working in the language teaching sector for forty years as a teacher, school owner, publisher and writer and is the author and co-author of many acclaimed pre-primary and primary EFL series including Yazoo, Fly High, Now I Know, Rise and Shine, English Code, and My Disney Stars and Friends. She has trained teachers all over the world and frequently presented at professional conferences. Apart from her professional experience, she draws a lot on the practical knowledge she has gained as the mother of four children and now as the grandmother of seven.



"In addition to guiding our students through a thorough syllabus of language skills, we also want to encourage them to think. How can we help them try out new thoughts, new ideas, new skills? How can we get them to feel free to abandon ideas which don’t work, learn from their mistakes and then use that experience to think again? Helping our children to widen their mental horizons isn’t just a necessity, it’s also extremely enjoyable and rewarding. In this session, Jeanne Perrett will give you practical, engaging ideas which you can use in your English classes, using examples from English Code."




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