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Místo: Online
Téma: Effective Formative Assessment
Pro: All teachers
Typ akce: Webinář
Datum: 22.05.2024
Čas: 18:00 - 19:00


Vážení učitelé a lektoři anglického jazyka,

srdečně vás zveme na inspirativní metodický webinář s názvem "Effective Formative Assessment", kterým vás provede autorka oblíbených učebnic Nina Lauder. Prezentace je vedena v anglickém jazyce a po účasti vám vystavíme certifikát.


Nina Lauder, who was born in Canada and is based in Spain, is a certified teacher trainer and an ELT and CLIL expert who has been working in the field of education for decades. She currently works as a university professor, teacher, educational consultant and materials writer. She has handled tasks in over thirty countries and has co-authored top-selling ELT and CLIL coursebooks. She has also written resource books for teachers and material for Flipped Learning. For more information, visit her website:


Videopozvánka od Niny Lauder



"As teachers, we know that assessment is a critical part of education. In most cases, teachers feel comfortable assessing learners using tests and exams, but often feel less confident when it comes to assessing the learning process in itself or employing formative assessment tools. It is also important for teachers to evaluate social-emotional development in their students and to provide them with guidance on how to build on their strengths and value their progress, but how can we assess these strengths? In this session we will look at the basics of formative assessment and will investigate different ways of supporting learning through the use of distinct resources and techniques. Come along and find out ways to track learners' progress and build motivation through effective formative assessment."


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