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The P.A.R.K. Conference Spring 2022

P.A.R.K Conference


Společnost Pearson Ventures Books si Vás dovolují pozvat na v pořadí již 27. konferenci pro učitele anglického jazyka pod názvem The P.A.R.K. Conference 2022. Konference se bude konat 2. dubna v prostorách Biskupského gymnázia v Brně, Barvičova 85, Brno-Střed. 



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V rámci konference jsme pro Vás přichystali 2 semináře, které si pro Vás připravila Radka Malá a také naši partnerskou prezentaci, kde Vás seznámíme s digitálními komponenty a našimi nejnovějšími aktualitami. Zároveň se můžete těšit na náš stánek, kde si budete moci prohlédnout novinky z vydavatelství Pearson.


Anotace seminářů:

Weird And Creative Ideas to Get Kids Talking… with Pictures

(Radka Malá, Teacher trainer)

Turn on the TV, Coordinates and Aha! are just three of the many picture-based games we’re going to try out together in this practical workshop. Using Rise and Shine materials for elementary school kids as our primary source, we’re going to do some storytelling, lots of guessing and a bit of running!


Memory Hacks: How to Learn (And Teach) Vocabulary Faster

(Radka Malá, Teacher trainer)

Do your students complain they’re terrible at remembering vocabulary? That they know the words passively but don’t seem to be able to use them in speaking? That they use the same words all the time? Let’s help them to hack their brains to remember much more! Using High Note textbooks, we’ll explore the best memory tips and tricks and bust a few vocabulary myths along the way.


Going with the flow...

(Ventures Books, Partner Presentation)

Due to current events the ELT world has been driven to adjust teaching and learning process. We would like to talk to you about digital components that play a big role in this new development! You will also hear about our upcoming online/offline events, new book titles and exciting benefits that we offer to our customers.




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Radka Malá

Radka has been teaching foreign languages for over fifteen years, gaining experience in a wide range of classes for special purposes and with all age groups. She now specialises in teaching professional English to adults and utilising her lifelong passion: technology and video in the classroom. As a teacher trainer and conference speaker, she follows the same principles as a language teacher; activate your students, make the session meaningful and have fun! She is also the author of additional material in the Lifestyle and Next Move series of textbooks. Radka’s educational background includes a Master’s degree in English and Italian from Charles University, Prague.