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Webinář 15/3/2022

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Vážení učitelé a lektoři anglického jazyka,

připravili jsme pro Vás nový webinář! Tentokrát jsme pro Vás opět zajistili zahraničního hosta- oblíbeného lektora Harryho Waterse. V tomto webináři se s ním zaměříte na nástroje, které Vám pomohou své hodiny angličtiny připravit na výuku v novém "hybridním světě".

15. 3. 2022 od 18:00 do 19:00
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How to Hybrid: A guide to setting up a pain free hybrid class
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Harry Waters: "The landscape of the classroom is ever changing. Now more than ever teachers and institutions are having to adapt to a new educational environment almost on a daily basis. One such step taken has been to integrate a new hybrid class system. This session will provide teachers with the tools required to get their classes set up and ready for the hybrid world. It will provide some pro tips on how to keep your class running smoothly and some go to activities to keep your lessons lively and your students interacting."




Harry Waters (PEARSON)

Harry Waters has buried deep in the TEFL world for over 15years. He is a trainer for the ELTon award winning Pearson and BBC Live Classes project. He is also the learning guide for Pearson and BBC Studio’s project Speak Out for Sustainability. His passion for teaching and obsession with the planet led him to create Renewable English an online English course, providing free classes and materials aimed at raising climate change awareness across the globe. Harry is also a passionate teacher trainer.  Outside of work he is a devoted Dad and husband to the two most wonderful ladies alive (in his opinion of course). He is the trustee for the British charity Kids Against Plastic and a radio presenter for Teacher Talk Radio. He describes himself as an imperfect environmentalist with a love of flags and funky second-hand shirts.“




How to Hybrid: A guide to setting up a pain free hybrid class