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webinar 14 10 2020


Vážení učitelé a lektoři anglického jazyka,

srdečně Vás zveme na webinář, pro který jsme pozvali autorku nové učebnice Focus 2nd Edition, Sue Kay. S ní se zaměříme na účinnost a použití videí v hodinách angličtiny.

14. 10. 2020 od 18:00 do 19:00
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How to bring the outside world into the classroom with video
Teens, Adults 

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Sue Kay: "Personally I don’t need convincing of the usefulness of video as a teaching tool, or of how motivating video can be in the classroom. I’ve been recording videos and writing worksheets since the days when my school had one video player which we wheeled into the classroom on a Friday afternoon. In this webinar I’ll make the case for using more and better-quality video in the classroom. Using examples from Focus, I’ll discuss which video genres work best and why, and I’ll demonstrate how they can facilitate effective lessons and improve learning."





Sue Kay

Sue Kay has been working in ELT since the early 80s and has been an author for the last 25 years. Her first publication was the Reward Resource Packs published by Heinemann. With co-author Vaughan Jones she has written various course books including the Inside Out series for Macmillan and Focus, published by Pearson. Sue is also the co-founder of two innovative companies operating in the ELT publishing industry: firstly, ELT Teacher 2 Writer, which publishes books and runs training courses that help teachers and writers perfect their writing skills; secondly ELT Publishing Professionals, a dynamic online directory of freelance professionals with powerful search tools to help publishers find skilled freelancers with the right experience for their projects.

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