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Místo: Online
Téma: Scaffolding Grammar for Teens
Pro: All teachers
Typ akce: Webinář
Datum: 18.10.2023
Čas: 18:00 - 19:00

Ke stažení:

 Vážení učitelé a lektoři anglického jazyka,

srdečně vás zveme na metodický webinář Scaffolding Grammar for Teens, který povede Elizabeth Beer!

Elizabeth Beer has been teaching for nearly twenty years in various places such as Vietnam, Hong Kong and Spain. She’s a Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Cambridge Examiner and Blog Post writer and was a Trainer on the ELTON award-winning Live Class project. She enjoys creating her own materials and lessons and has a particular interest in pronunciation and speaking skills, and learner autonomy and collaboration in class.

Metodický webinář bude veden v anglickém jazyce.


 Videopozvánka od Elizabeth Beer


Teaching grammar to classes with different needs and language levels can be stressful for teachers, and sometimes uttering the dreaded ‘grammar’ word to your students can often cause them to close their ears to that part of the lesson. This session will guide you through the concept of scaffolding, which is to provide tasks and support so that students can understand and accomplish grammar goals more independently."


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