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Ideas That Work 2015

Kdy: Sobota 7. listopadu 2015, 8:00-16:45
Kde: Gymnázium, Mikulášské náměstí 23, Plzeň

Webiste: program: http://www.bridge-online.cz/ideas-that-work/about-the-conference


Using Stories in your English Classes
Sobota, 10:45 - 11:35, Blue room

The correct use of our memory is an essential prerequisite for what we successfully learn. Effective learning is dependent on how much our pupils can remember from their English classes. But how does our memory really work? How can you help your pupils learn and also remember as much as possible? The answer may sound simple – motivate them, involve them, concentrate and retain their attention. In today´s session we are going to explore in what ways the context of movie stories and the presence of their characters in primary school classes may boost your pupils´ learning efficiency and at the same time make your classes more fun. 


Mgr. Šárka Miková, PEARSON

Sarka OrezŠárka is a former English teacher with almost 20 years´ teaching experience to students of various levels – from preschoolers to adults. She acquired her Master´s degree in English teaching at Charles University, Prague and after several years of teaching at primary school she spent most of her professional career as a freelance teacher working for a language school and teaching her own individual and corporate students. Thanks to the variety of courses she has taught and organised she became interested in didactics and methodology of ELT and currently exploits her experience as a methodological consultant. Besides her long practical teaching experience she was also involved in production of teaching materials for video classes. 

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